Insect And Pest Removal For Your Home And Office

The Pest Control Division of The Lawn Manicurist holds customer satisfaction as the very highest priority. That is why we use the safest, most up-to-date products that the industry has to offer.

We know how valuable your home is to you and we understand that you have plenty to worry about without being concerned with creepy crawly pesty insects and rodents. Our pest control technicians can take the worry away for you.

Monthly and quarterly bug and pest removal maintenance year round is extremely important! For that reason we offer a very affordable package so you can stay protected through the winter, spring, summer and fall.


Insects and Pests we control:
Spider Barriers * Hornets * Wasps * Bees * Knats * Flies * Earwigs * Ants * Cockroaches * Billbugs * Grubs * Gophers * Mice * Voles

Pest control services in Nampa and the Treasure valley

Additional Pest Control Services:

* Tree and shrub spraying

* Mosquito Abatement

* Attic and Crawl Space Fumigation