“I manage a subdivision within the Treasure Valley and we have hired The Lawn Manicurist to maintain all of the common areas and sprinkler systems within this subdivision. Once we hired Mark and he started taking care of the landscaping, I stated receiving phone calls from the homeowners to include members of the board. They stated how nice the common areas were looking and how impressed they were with his work. I then hired him for a couple of other jobs within other subdivision that I manage and once again, his work was fantastic!

We really appreciate the time and care that Mark puts into each job and the fact that he is so knowledgeable about the services he offers!”

Tiffany Clemons

Low Property Management


“I know that when The Lawn Manicurist is taking care of our subdivision I don’t need to worry! They are always a step ahead, and our grass has never looked greener!”

Evelyn McCullough

Carmichael Sub

HOA President